CBDC, ESG, and How they Plan to Destroy America

Lake County Liberty Coalition guest speaker is Jonathan Broadbent, Chair & Territory Lead of Protect Ohio Children, founder of UnWoke Investing (now a proud partner of2nd Vote), captain of Geauga County GOP Precinct Strategy, and founder of Ohio RINO Hunters. CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency, and with it, a citizen’s money could be digitally monitored, withheld, frozen, taxed, penalized or otherwise controlled – should such a citizen (or collection of citizens) challenge or threaten the state—rightfully or wrongly. It is a dangerous step on the road to ultimate financial slavery. Meanwhile, our 401(k) and retirement funds are funneling our hard-earned dollars to “woke” corporations who are actively fighting against conservative and traditional values. Is it possible to “Defund the Woke”? You won’t want to miss this informative discussion!

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